Something Sweet with rozes

For this mani I used 3 thin coats of China Glaze Something Sweet and stamped it with Konad White and Konad plate m65. Something Sweet is one of the few bottles that I have that's going empty, and I'll need to get a backup bottle soon. I have quite a big stash nowadays, so that this one's going empty says enough I guess, love it! :)
I think the mani turned out nice, but my pics aren't really color accurate, Something Sweet also looked a bit darker irl.

My cat Sue is getting better, she's still bruised up and a bit grumpy after her surgery, but it's not as red and warm anymore. I hope to hear some from the vet soon, but I'm a bit nervous for the test results. She has to go for a checkup on Monday, hopefully all will be fine with her and the results!

Take care!