A England Perceval, Avalon, Galahad - Review

Adina from A England was so kind to send me some polishes for review. For my swatches I used 2 coats of each and no base- and topcoat. As always, you can click the pictures for an enlargement to see a bit more detail.

"It was the time of extraordinary adventures, romance and courtly manner. Armoured knights would try to prove their worth and win the love of beautiful women, through their skills in battles, embarking in perilous journeys, exceptional trials, jousting tournaments.
When Camelot became the center of the universe and the myth of King Arthur the epitome of the Golden Age of Chivalry."
A England Glossary

"Perceval the guileless knight
The elect one to witness the Grail for the first time and one of the heroes of its quest. A simple, innocent man, alone in the world who accidentally meets a group of the King's knights and decides to become one of them."

First I'd like you to meet my new love. His name is Perceval, and he instantly became one of my favorite reds. Yes, I think he's that amazing :) Look at how he lights up in sunlight, gorgeous!

"Avalon the mythic paradise
The idyllic isle, healing place of eternal beauty and otherworldly mystery and the final resting place of Arthur."

Next up is Avalon, a bright purple. I'll keep it short about this one, it's a real beauty! And I think it'll make a nice match for a mani with the next polish as well.

"Galahad the pure knight
(Son of Lancelot) the achiever of the holy grail. Renowed for his gallantry and purity is considered the most perfect knight in the world."

And last but definitely not least, Galahad. Not only do I absolutely love the color, I've never seen a creme polish glide on my nails like this one did. No streakiness, no dragging, nothing!

I was amazed by the application of these polishes, and I think that if you apply thicker coats you can get away with just 1 coat. I'll try them out for stamping soon, I think they'll work great for that as well ^^
The polishes sell for £9 on the A England website, which is a bit pricey for my wallet, but I have to say that the formula is really good and I'm loving the colors. I'm very curious to see what other polishes A England will add in the future!

Unfortunately Adina didn't add the real Tristam, her oh-so-adorable kitten, to the package ;( Because I can't make a picture of him, I'll add a picture of Dewey instead. He looks a bit like a king overseeing his territory here (or well, staring at the birds outside, out of his reach, lol), to go with the theme =)

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