Glittery accents & Award

Fot this mani I used 2 coats of P2 Poetic, stamped it with P2 So Cool! and an Essence plate (no numbers on those), and then I filled in some of the circles with a nail art brush and Gosh Blue Monday.
So Cool! was a bit sheer for stamping and it dried insanely fast, but I'm not sure if that's the polish or that the plate image isn't so deep. I suspect it's the plate but I haven't tried it with a different plate yet. Poetic is more purple on itself, but the blue stamping makes it look a tad bit more blue as well.

Jolien tagged me, thanks! I'll post awards from now on as well (I only posted them on the tags page before).

The 7 random things:

1 I just started with Start to Run, it's a program that helps you with running. I just did the 3rd lesson now, there are 27 lessons and then I should be able to run 5km. I started before as well but I got problems with one of my knees, this time it's so far, so good. Hope I'll manage all those lessons!

2 I have a little stalker, I can't even take a shower without my youngest cat Dewey peeking around the corner, lol. While my other 2 cats are often slacking, Dew's always around to join me for whatever I'm doing.

3 I stopped playing WoW not so long ago. I played it for about 4.5 years and I often miss it quite a bit. But playing more casual ain't my thing and I've raided pretty hardcore for so long, it ate too much time and focus.

4 I got the 2nd part of the 3rd degree (master) reiki last weekend. I'm pretty much finished with it now, but I'll get more guidance from my master in the coming period.

5 Lately I've been reading a lot more again, especially books from Val McDermid and Patricia Cornwell.

6 I like watching Masterchef, especially the Australian one. Judges Gary and George have such a nice, happy energy! :)

7 I totally missed my first blogiversary last month! Never thought I'd blog for so long, but I'm still enjoying it :)

The Crazy Questions:

1 Fave Color: Right now I say magenta pink, but this depends on my mood. Teal and purple work as well.

2 Fave Song: I don't really have a favorite song, but one that I listen often is Merlin's Magic - Heart of Reiki to relax. The song lasts about an hour!

3 Fave Dessert: I have to pick just 1 thing? :P Ben & Jerry's Half Baked.

4 What is pissing you off: Mistreating animals and racism.

5 When you're upset you: This depends on why I'm upset, and what I do to calm down also varies, but especially Dewdew is good at making me smile again.

6 Fave Pet: Cats!

7 Black or White: White.

8 Biggest Fear: Spiders. Although it's not as bad anymore and I find them fascinating as well, but they can scare me so badly! Especially when I'm at the toilet, lol. My revenge is usually to let nature take its course by sending in the cats, hah!

9 Best Feature: I like my eyes.

10 Everyday Attitude: I'm doing my best to be positive. I have my curtains a bit open in the bedroom so in the morning I wake up from daylight and often with the sun on my face, a great way to start the day! And if there's no sun there's always a cat near me, works too :)

11 What is perfection: Nature.

12 Guilty Pleasure: Besides polish? See my favo dessert ^^

I'm tagging:
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Thanks for reading and take care! :)