Worth The Risque & Hello Holo

Hello Holo from Essence isn't just called a holographic like more of their polishes, it actually is holo. And oh my, it's an amazing one! I'm not always too crazy of glitter and silver polish, but this combo made me forget all that instantly. I'm telling you, if you like sparkly goodness, you need this polish :)

But unfortunately this thing is way beyond my camera, so I don't have a single pic that comes even close to the real deal. I tried different settings on my cam, daylight, sunlight, lamps,... nothing worked to capture it. The holo glitters are so vibrant in color and I just keep staring at the party on my nails! All the silvery glitter you see in my pics is holo irl. Clicking the pictures for an enlargement shows the glitter a little bit better but really, you just have to see this for yourself =)

I used 3 coats of Color Club Worth The Risque and added 2 coats of Essence Hello Holo, and finished with top coat. It didn't need the top coat as badly as glitters often do, and the top coat didn't tone down the holo effect.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!