Blogger Inspired Mani: Nihrida

When I made this mani I had to think of Nihrida, and then I got an idea. I'm gonna do a mani inspired by another blogger every now and then! I think it'll be fun to do :)
I guess that sometimes it'll be obvious which blogger it is, other times it might be more about what comes to my mind when I think of that blogger, like today.

When I think of Nihrida, I think of dark colors on her nails, beautiful pictures of nature including flowers, and black/white/grey. Now this mani isn't really inspired by her, because the mani was there first, lol, but it inspired me to do these themed manicures =)

I used 2 coats of Essence Romeo, stamped with Color Club Revvvolution and Konad plate m65. The mani looks a bit darker irl. Can you see why Nihrida came to mind?

And because I also think of animals (especially cats) when I think of her, here's Bindi slacking in the sun ♥

Thanks for stopping by and take care!