Blue & Teal

When I went to pick up some more Essence Multi Dimension polishes, I also bought Fall For Me. This blue is an almost dupe for OPI What's With The Cattitude?, and my OPI bottle is half empty so I was happy to find that out :) It also had full coverage in 2 coats and applied smooth, so yeah, nevermind that OPI backup!
I tested A England Galahad for stamping and used an image from Konad plate m64. Galahad worked nice, but it's slightly sheer for stamping. You don't see that on the fine lines though, but the bigger areas didn't get fully opaque, those are a bit wobbly. Galahad is more teal irl *mumbles something about grey weather and bad lighting*.

Recently I made a Facebook page and yesterday I fixed it a bit more, but I can't say I find it so handy to work with so far, it's a bit confusing tbh! Seems that I can't reply to, or like any posts but my own stuff. I guess that's because I don't have a personal account linked to it, or because I need to have 25 fans to make a username linked to my page. But maybe one of you has any idea about that? :)
Edit, nvm, it's sorted! ^^

Thanks for looking!