Lucky In Lilac with Avalon

Another polish I wanted to try out for stamping was A England Avalon, so for this mani I used 2 coats of Catrice Lucky In Lilac and stamped it with BM plate 203 and Avalon. I was in a rush so the lines ended up a bit sloppy, but unless you're looking closely at it irl, you can't see that anyway. Avalon was slightly sheer for stamping, but with a purple base color that's not visible.
I couldn't get a decent daylight pic, it's again grey and bleh weather here (I seriously thought it was summer!), but luckily the sun peeked through the clouds for a few minutes.

On a sidenote, in a few months time A England will bring out 2 green holos! I don't have a green one yet, and I know there ain't so many greens out there, so I'm very curious how they'll look. If I was running my own polish company I'd run around hysterically going OMG all day long I'd definitely add a green holo too, as well as some awesome duo- and multichromes. And and and I'd have more bottled rainbows and sparkly stuff all over the place! :D What would you make if you could make your own polish?