My first gradient mani & award

Yesterday I tried out dotting, today I tried out sponging! Or well, I've sponged before, but those were glittery tips, this time I went for a gradient. I've seen manicures like this around and I liked them, so time to try it out for myself!
I used a kitchensponge before, but I read that makeup sponges work great as well, so I got me one of those flat, round sponges and cut off a triangle. That worked much better for me! Only next time I'd cut off a bigger piece of sponge, my thumbs got a gradient as well, lol. To hide some flaws I added some stamping.

I used 2 coats of Essence Fall For Me, and sponged H&M Blue followed by Essence Forever Mine. Then I applied Seche Vite to even things out a bit and Essence Express Dry Drops. I stamped with China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and BM plate 223, then another coat of SV to finish it off.

The Express Dry Drops I bought because I thought it would be handy for doing taped manicures, but I found it gave a bit of a strange wet, greasy kinda feeling and my stamping got a bit smudged, think those drops might have something to do with it :/ Maybe I should've washed my hands in between, I'll try that some other time, but so far I'll just stick to my beloved SV.

Super Cute Super Easy tagged me for One Lovely Blog Award, thank you!

And here are the 7 things about me. Some different things this time, it's not always easy to keep filling in these tags with new info!

1) I'm trying to get a new house atm, the company where I rent from works with most years first. So everyone that has been living on their current address longer than I have here, will have prio if they sign in for the same house. They add new places for rent every week, and I hope I'll get one soon!

2) I'm looking forward to decorating once I find a new home, I'll probably go for my favo colors again, light with accents in teal/purple kinda colors. And my sister is awesome at decorating and creative stuff, so with her help I'm sure the new place will look great :)

3) To stay on topic, moving itself isn't something I look forward to, haha. And I'll have to move my precious bottles as well, eek! Moving my cats worries me a little, but luckily I know how to make it go as smooth for them as possible. And once they're adjusted I'm sure they'll enjoy it as well, especially the garden!

4) Tips for gardening without ruining my nails are welcome, lol. I guess that'll be gloves, don't think my hands will enjoy sandscrubs too much ^^

5) Then for a change of subject, I'm trying to be less picky with my blogging. I'm often insecure about what I post, especially the pictures, because I have a hard time capturing both the polish ánd my fingers color accurate at the same time. After the previous tag that I did (where I had to show the first and last mani) I heard from some other bloggers that they're also too self-critical, which was nice to hear tbh (not so nice for them of course :P). But yeah I want to stop doing so, or at least stop mentionning stuff looks darker/lighter/whatever irl, haha.

6) I'm glad I finally went for another commenting system on my blog, it's much nicer to be able to reply to your comments directly :) I didn't add it before, I was always worried I'd lose previous comments or that my blog would load slower, but that's not the case I think.

7) Luckily this is the last one, I'm kinda out of facts again, lol. Time for a cup of tea and some strawberries!

I'm gonna be slack and tag whoever wants to do this one :)

Wewt, what a Wall of Text this is! Thanks for looking ♥ And if you want to share your blog, have a look back here later!