Nail foil stickers - Review

Hey all,
Today I have a review for you of nail foil stickers from KKCenterhk, I got to pick one of their sticker packages and I chose these. So this morning I tried them out and here's how they look!

They arrived in a black package with holographic text and drawing on them, pretty! But I have to say though, I'd rather get my products without stickers on them. I'm not sure if they do that with normal purchases as well, and I think it's nice that they add their contact info with the product in case something is wrong, but I'd prefer that on a seperate piece of paper. Besides that, the package looks great, gotta love holo paper!

But wait. Let's have a closer look...Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Uhm, yeah. I'm not sure how not washing for 11 days would work out, but I'm sure you'll understand why I didn't test if they really last that long, lol.

After moving the package around for a while going Oooh and Ahh I opened it, to find the stickers packed in a plastic cover. There are 16 stickers in different sizes, and they indeed look suitable for toes as well, I had to use the smallest sizes for my fingers. And as you can see here, they're quite long! With good scissor skills I could probably get 2 nails out of 1 sticker.

I had to trim just 2 of them (index and pink), the rest had a perfect shape for my nails already. I trimmed them by just cutting off a small strip at the sides, although the index sticker could've used some more trimming for a better fit, but I found that a bit tricky. The top of the stickers isn't fully rounded, which my nails pretty much are, but irl that's not so obvious.
The application was easy, and as the package already says, you can stretch the stickers a bit when applying them to get a perfect fit. I used the last step of a buffer file to push them all smooth. They didn't need top coat or clean up and are instantly dry of course, which is a plus as well. So I definitely prefer these over water decals.
I didn't file the edges fully smooth now though, because I always end up taking a tiny bit off my nails as well then. If I'd wear them as full mani, I would of course.
But even though I didn't trim and file them perfectly now, I have to say that the end result looked pretty good, it's oh so shiny! :)

After reading about the removal, I wanted to try that out as well. I think they can indeed last for quite a while (if you don't wash, that is ^^), because they were really stuck to my nails and peeling them off without water and soap wasn't working. With warm water and soap they came off pretty easy and my nails look fine after the removal, without any glue remains.
If you want to wear them for longer, I'd use a top coat on them so you can get your hands wet. I'm not sure if a top coat alters their look though, but I thought of that áfter I took them off >.<

All in all I think these can make a fun mani/pedi or accent nail, they have so many different designs and the application is doable for pretty much everyone. You can buy the stickers for $5.20 at KKCenterhk.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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