Senorita Bonita with BeYu 209

Thanks to the lovely Deborah I got a bottle of BeYu 209, which is the little sister of Clarins 230 aka Unicorn Pee! Last night I wanted to use it in a layered mani and chose China Glaze Senorita Bonita as base (you can see my swatches of SB here). I used 3 coats of that, and as soon as I applied BeYu 209 to one of my nails, I went OMG. What a pretty result!
The flecks in SB come through and 209 adds a gorgeous shimmer. This combo shifts from bright magenta to purple to more red. Unfortunately I can't find the green/blue that shows in the bottle of 209 on my nails with this combo, but I'm loving it nevertheless!

Please click the pictures for an enlargement to see the beautiful sparkly shimmer :)

Look how bright it can get, and the red sparkles are still visible! I don't often go for a layered mani, but I can't wait to try out more with 209 :)

I first heard of BeYu 209 from Miss Enabler Jeanette, who explains more about 209 and it's dull version in this post.

Have a nice day and take care =)