Snow leopard and Dewey

Earlier I had the leopard image plate in mind, and then I got the idea to make a mani inspired by a snow leopard. It didn't fully turn out the way I wanted, the black was too black and same with the white, so it reminded me of a dalmatian as well, lol.

I used China Glaze Frosty as base, and even though it's a nice color, I instantly got reminded why I don't use it much. It's way too sheer for my liking! I used 4 slightly thicker coats here, then stamped it with Konad Black and Konad plate m57. I filled in the spots a bit with a nail art brush and China Glaze Awaken, and finished with top coat. But then it was a bit too much all together, so I used a coat of Essie Matte About You and luckily that helped.

And here are some Dewdew pics to stay with the kitty theme! He "helped" me change the bed sheets the other day and got under the fitted sheet. So here he is, in between the fitted sheet and the, err no idea on the English word, molton. It's like a cover that protects the bed, and it's a bit fuzzy so there's loads of little pieces of fluff that make excellent cat entertainment! He stayed under there for quite some time and clearly had a blast :P

Take care! (=^.^=)