Wood and a ... eek!

No, I didn't add Eek! the Cat on my nails, but eek! A spider! The original plan was to draw some ants with one of my new nail art pens, but that idea failed pretty badly. I ended up with a good sized ant that looked terribad with little chubby stripe legs (like hands on a kids drawing), and a decent looking ant that was ginormous. I decided to go for the easy solution, stamp a spider instead =)

The wood doesn't look as much as wood as I'd like, I stamped the image sideways, thinking I could get more wood veins on my nails because I had to double stamp a small part. I probably should've kept it straight (like the red striped mani), I think it looks a bit like a wooden zebra or some now, lol ^^

I didn't have much brown to choose from, so I started with 2 coats of Essence The Only Chance!, then stamped it with an Essence plate (no numbers on those) and 3 Essence polishes. I mixed The Only Chance!, Jungle Drum and Spicy a bit on the plate above the image, so the stripes wouldn't be a solid color. I finished it with 1 1/2 itsy bitsy spider (seeing little spider legs peek around a corner always scares me, that's why I added a half one too :P) with Konad Black and BM plate 13, then a coat of Essie Matte About You.

Thanks for looking :)