The One That Got Away

Yep, I have new plates and yep, I have a lot of ideas with them. But this morning I couldn't choose! And I didn't have so much time to keep doubting, so I ended up just using a polish instead :P I went for OPI The One That Got Away (3 coats with TC) and it's a nice polish, but if I remember correct (I only used it once before), it stains like mad. So fingers crossed that it ain't too bad!
I'm wearing it as pedi now as well -yes, I'm actually wearing the same as mani and pedi, that's so rare!- and I'll keep it on my toes for a while, I think it makes a great Fall pedi :) My camera makes the hint of duochrome more visible than it is irl though, the polish is more sparkly bright magenta in a darker purple base, like you can see in the bottle.

My Show Your Nails! post is open for a few more days, so just a reminder, if you want you can share your nails and link to your blog there :)

And something else, I started a new blog yesterday, it's a blog with my mandalas. Mandalas are coloring pages for adults, they're considered to be relaxing and spiritual to color. A few years ago I made quite a few as well and I recently started drawing them again, only this time on the pc. I have to get used to drawing with a mouse, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it, so I hope to be able to add more swirly ones soon as well. Have a look at Coloring Mandalas if you're interested in them!

Have a wonderful weekend and take care :)