Orange stripes, Dew and some changes!

Heya! I was hoping the new Catrice and Essence would be at my local store today (Deborah already has some swatches here and here), but noes, they didn't. But they should come this week or next week, yay ^^ Catrice Modern Muse LE was still up and so far I passed on those, but I read that Rusty But Sexy is a 1-coater. That triggered my stamp alarm, so today I took it home with me :)
The RBS name matches well, it's a deep, rich rusty color, and great for stamping indeed! And as far as I know, it's not only in the MM LE, but will also be a part of their new core line. 

RBS looked like a nice match with Catrice Apropos Apricot, but geez, that polish got on my nerves! The cap has a sticker that says 2 coats, but it needed 4, ugh. Of course it wouldn't dry then, and I was impatient. Don't think I need to explain what happened next :P
But at last, here it is, 4 coats of Apropos Apricot (suggestions for a nice peach polish that isn't too light, anyone?), stamped with Rusty But Sexy and Konad plate m69, and then I used a brush to fix some sloppy sides. The combo is more peachy/rusty irl and I'm loving it!

While I was making pics my sleepy Dewey came to check out the reflection made by my camera on the wall, isn't this a cute background for my pics? (=^.^=)

Yesterday and today I made a few changes to my blog. As you can see, it looks different, but thanks to a dear friend I also got my own domain now :) That change isn't fully finished though, it can take up to 24 hours apparently. So there's a bunch of links not working as they should, they still go to blogspot.
Besides that, my comment migration isn't fully done, I didn't lose any comments (Blogger still has them, phew!), but it seems they're split between the 2 domains somehow, lol. And my previous post hasn't gotten any of them back yet. I hope it'll all be sorted tomorrow >.< If not, I'll have to manually fix the links I guess and reinstall Disqus or some. Fingers crossed that it all works out fine!

Thanks for looking :)