Pink Wednesday Blogger Inspired Mani: Glitta Gloves

I'm combining this Blogger Inspired Mani with Pink Wednesday, because Glitta Gloves is one of the founders of Pink Wednesday. So this inspired mani was pretty easy, pink and glitters! And because she does some great glitter combos and I almost never do them, I went for a layered glitter mani.

Now miss Glitta Gloves likes the gritty feeling of glitters...and I happen to be a top coat junkie. I love the thick smooth feeling on my nails, the ultra glossy look, and seeing polish come to life when the TC is applied. Even my nail wheels have top coat! (to my defense, it was an el cheapo TC that I didn't use ^^) Love that stuff. So the thought of no top coat on glitters made me shiver a bit, but hey, trying out new stuff enriches your life :P

So I started this mani with 2 coats of Nubar Petunia Sparkle, and while I applied it, I remembered what a top coat eater this polish is. The gritty glitter thing didn't sound all that bad anymore! But this one has such fine glitter that no top coat felt like sandpaper nails, lol. So instead of TC I applied a coat of Essence It's Purplicious and then a coat of BeYu 209. Still a bit gritty, but it looked so vibrant and sparkly, I'll have to try glitter combos more often!
But I realized that my camera was struggling with this mani (most pics looked funky bubbly and some even had some white sparkles, ehm, wut), and then I couldn't resist anymore and slapped on some TC anyway, hah! A truckload of pics later and here it is, with TC. As always, you can click the pics for an enlargement.

Thanks for looking!