Pink Wednesday: Don't Be A Square with a special background!

Dewey thinks that me being outside means it's time to go roll around on the table and get cuddles ^^ So when I put my background cloth on the table there to make pics in the sun, it didn't take long before I got a Dew background. So here's 3 coats of China Glaze Don't Be A Square (no base/top coat) and Dewdew!

I love his pretty color, and love this polish as well! :)

Dew showing off his paws...

...and his nails! Luckily he's gentle, lol.

Cute face (=^.^=)

Making pics got a bit tricky at some point, as you can see on the top pics there's some paws sticking out. That was Dew getting a hold of the camera cord, nom nom!

I wish Bindi and Sue would play background more often as well, but they're often lazy (can't blame them though, I'd slack too!) and dislike the smell of polish. So most of the time they don't look so friendly and run away when I get near them with freshly polished nails and the bottle :P If you have cats, you probably know how they look then, lol.

Thanks for looking and have a great day :)