Pink Wednesday: Tickle My Triangle

Today I'm wearing China Glaze Tickle My Triangle (2 coats, no TC), one of my favorite holographic polishes ♥ The holo is visible irl even when there's no sun! Add the easy application and fast drying time, and you'll understand why I'm wearing it quite often. But TMT is from the Kaleidoscope collection, and we all know what they cost nowadays (yikes!), so next time I'll layer it to save more of this precious polish.

TMT really does deserve better pics to show how beautiful it is, it's a lot more vibrant and holo irl. I have my camera ready and as soon as there's a tiny bit of sun, I'll make some more pics and will add them later if so :)

I ordered 2 new Konad plates (m83 and m85), and I hope they arrive tomorrow, can't wait! ^^ I skipped m84, because it only has 1 full nail image, and me and the little images aren't getting along so well yet.

Thanks for stopping by!