Random Essence swatches & Soft Touch vs. Matt

As you may know, Essence didn't only bring out a bunch of new polishes, but also a new Special Effect Topper, the Soft Touch top coat. I know there are small differences between some matte top coats, but I wondered, would it really be a lot different than their own Matt top coat? Time to find that out!
So here are 2 of the new Colour & Go polishes, and 1 from their current Natventurista edition. I'll tell below what top coat I used on what finger, lets see if you can tell! ^^

Princess Prunella, 3 thin coats. In the bottle it reminded me a bit of Paradoxal and all it's dupes. On the nail it looks different than I though it would, in both the color and the finish.

Mother Earth Is Watching You, 2 coats. Almost a 1-coater, so it might be good for stamping.

In Style, 3 thin coats. The prettiest of the 3 if you ask me!

Soooo, you tell me the difference! :) No? You don't see it either? Hmph. I wish I could say it's more visible irl, but it's not. It might feel a teeny tiny bit softer, but I think that's just my mind playing tricks on me, I probably couldn't tell the difference if I didn't know what's used on each finger.
The only clear difference is that my Matt TC looks more yellow in the bottle, but I think that's because it's an older bottle. So well done Essence, give it a new name and sell more of the same, I fell for it! :P

Anyway, here's what I used for all 3 polishes:
Seche Vite top coat on my indexfinger, Essence Soft Touch TC on my middlefinger, Essence Matt TC on my ringfinger, and nothing on my pinkie. The normal swatches are all without top coat.

Thanks for stopping by and take care! :)