Guest Post: ChitChat Nails

The next guest post that I have for you is from Marta from ChitChat Nails. Enjoy!


When Bregje asked me to guest post for her, I had to sit myself down for a moment. Her's is one of the very first blogs I started to drool over when I first got into Konading earlier this year. I've also really enjoyed chatting her up on Twitter; she is always so positive and easy to tweet ;) As you all would agree, Bregje has a real talent for giving her manicures a level of subtle sophistication, and I have learned a lot from drooling over her manicures (and do I even need to get into the lovely shape of her nails)... doing this guest post, for me, is like the unpopular kid being asked to sit at the cool-kids table ;) I'm sitting, I'm shaking, and I just hope I don't spill polish all over myself ;)
Today I am trying my hands at a subtle Konadicure, Bregje style ;) and I hope you like it!

Base: two coats of Color Club "Nomadic in Nude"
Stamp: Konad m16 with Sally Hansen "CoCo A-Go-Go"
Extras: I fished for a large glitter out of Sephora OPI "Traffic Stopper Copper" to place on each nail, and I used a dotting tool to dot in some of OPI "Extra Va-Vaganza" on each nail as well
Top: Seche Vite

Thank you Bregje for letting me post on your blog.  You inspire me to do more tone-on-tone stamping... You have a real talent for what you do, and I hope you and your followers liked this post :D


I see that I should really get some nude polish and try smaller images more often as well ^^ And those glittery accents are a great finishing touch! And *blush*, thank you for your post Marta :)

Have a look at Marta's blog for awesome, creative manicures and pics that often have a little something extra!