New York with Awaken

Yesterday I found an almost untouched display of the Catrice Big City Life Collection :) I got me one of those palettes, and of course I had a look at the polishes as well. But Sydney looked way too much like Grey's Kelly (I compared the bottles in the store), Berlin reminded me of some colors in my stash, and London is a yellow. That's not really my color, and I thought it might be a bit sheer as well, so I skipped all of those.
But New York instantly made me go oooh! It's like a lighter, slightly more blue version of the color that I used in my previous mani, Spruced Up. But I couldn't capture it well, my pics show it much lighter and more blue than it really is! =(

I used 2 coats of New York and picked China Glaze Awaken and Konad plate m85. The image was a nice surprise, it was one of those images that looks ok on the plate, but not much more than that. But I think it looks lovely on the nails :)

Because I'm still not posting as much, I asked a bunch of lovely bloggers to write a guest post for my blog. So the next posts will be those of guest bloggers, and I'll just save the manis that I do during that period. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

Thanks for stopping by :)