Spruced Up with Adore

Hey all! :) I can clearly notice that the weather has changed, my nails are chipping a bit more and growing a lot less fast. So I filed them down a bit again to get rid of some weak spots, and will be extra careful in the coming months. But it's nice not having to file as often tbh, got a bit tired of it every now and then :P
I'm also more in the mood for darker colors with this weather, and today I went for Catrice Spruced Up (2 coats). I stamped it with BM plate 225 and China Glaze Adore, and used the small part of my Konad double sided stamper to aim the image a bit better. I find images that aren't full nail pretty tricky to get straight, so I barely ever use them, but this way it wasn't all that bad :)

Thanks for looking!