Subtle stamping? Yes please!

Even though I love bold and bright stamping, it's not something I'm always in the mood for. But subtle stamping is something that always works for me! Today I went for a grey base (2 coats of Essence Romeo, a bit darker irl) and stamped with China Glaze Adore and BM plate 222. I think almost everything can match with grey, but Adore gives a more subtle result so I went with that one. And as always with that polish, at some angles it jumps out, at others it's very subtle :)

Thanks for looking!

Another light on dark mani, this time in blue

I wanted to try out some more light on dark stamping, because I think it matches nice with the current season. So today I went for blue on blue, Essence Gleam In Blue with Konad plate m85 stamped on Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! (2 coats). I have to get used a bit to these kinda light/dark combos, but I'm liking them more and more :)

As you may have seen on Twitter, I linked a house a few times lately. It's the house of my sister and her hubby, and when they sell it they'll move to this area again, which would be awesome! It's been years since they lived nearby and I would love having them so close :) So if you are looking for a house in Doetinchem (Gelderland) or know someone that is, please have a look here! Thanks :)

Take care!

Purple on purple

Today I went for a simple purple rozes mani, with 2 coats of Catrice Plum Play With Me as base and China Glaze Harmony with Konad m65 for the image. I think it's not bad, but I don't love it either, it's just ok :) It seems I rushed my filing too much, my ringfinger nail is a bit slanted, but I didn't notice that irl until I saw the pics :P

I tried to have my Dewdew as background again, but unfortunately, he disagreed! He started playing with my background cloth and poking my hands, lol. But he was ok with me showing his big paws quickly =)

Have a great weekend! :)

Green and gold NOTD

Hey all! A while ago I saw a mani from AmyGrace where she used Catrice Enter The Undergrowth as base and stamped it with gold, and I knew I had to try that combo sometime as well. I don't have a real warm gold stamping polish, but Essence Pixie Dust! does the trick for me too. So here's 2 coats of Enter The Undergrowth with Pixie Dust and BPS plate m70. And I have to say, I'm loving this even more than I thought I would! The mani looks darker and warmer irl though.
Pixie Dust! is also a magnetic polish, but I haven't used any of them with a magnet yet, lol. I just use them for stamping, they're great for that too :)

Thanks for looking!

No Doubt with Mystic Wish!

For today's mani I used 2 coats of Essence No Doubt as base, and used Mystic Wish! and Konad plate m85 for the image. Mystic Wish! is another polish that makes a design pop out at some angles, and look more shimmery blurred at others. The Konad image that I used here is one that needs a very pigmented polish, else the image itself gets a bit blurry because of the larger areas.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Avalon with Harmony

Heya :) It's been a while, and I hope you enjoyed the guest posts! But now I'm back to posting myself again, and I tried a different stamping combo today. As you might know, I prefer a creme as base, and usually go for a darker stamping polish, but this time I went for a lighter polish on a dark shimmerbase.

I used 2 coats of A England Avalon as a base, and stamped with BM plate 224 and China Glaze Harmony. It's not bad, and I like it more irl than on my pics, but I prefer my usual kinda combo. To see what effect it would give I added a coat of Essence Soft Touch, but hmm, I'm not sure how I like it best. What do you think? :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice Sunday :)

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Guest post roundup

If you missed any of the guest posts, here they are all together. You can click the pictures to go to the matching post.
I'd like to say thanks again to these great bloggers, I appreciate that you all took the time to write a post for my blog <3 *hugs*

Guest Post: Nailside

The last guest post that I have for you is from Jane from Nailside.


Hello Oooh Shinies readers! I'm very honored Bregje had asked me to do a guest post for her beautiful blog. Oooh Shinies was, and still is ;-), one of my favorite nail blogs long before I started my own, so it is strange, but so exciting to see my own nails on here! To celebrate this special occasion I made a festive mani featuring one of my favorite tape designs, the explosion.

For the red base color I used H&M Love Berry from the latest Disney collection. The color itself isn't really that special, but I fell for the incredibly cute bottle and name! Isn't it adorable? When Love Berry was entirely dry I put tape triangles on top to make the explosion shape, I applied my second color, then removed the strips right away and boom, pow! an explosion is born. The stunning blue is Orly Sweet Peacock, isn't that sparkly, foil finish amazing?

At last I did something Bregje and I particularly have in common, which is mattifying our nail art :) Adding a matte finish can emphasize a graphic design like this or make a 'loud' design look calmer. I know not everybody likes a matte finish (yet), so hopefully we've won a few more souls again, haha.

Thank you so much Bregje for having me here! Your flawless stamping, great polish combinations and perfect clean-up are such a huge inspiration to me and all the rest of your readers, so keep up the good work!


I think this design isn't just one of your favorites, but a favorite of mani people, including me! I often don't have patience for taping, and I think it's pretty hard to get such crisp clean lines, but seeing a mani like this makes me want to give it a go again. And this combo reminds me a bit of Superman! Thanks for your lovely post, Jane :)

I don't think taped manis can get any better than Jane's, and on her blog she shows a lot more original and awesome stuff, including some tutorials!

Guest Post: Life and Polish

Today's guest post is from Elizabeth from Life and Polish.
Hi loves! I am so honoured that Bregje asked me to do a guest post for her. I love her nails, and her stamping and she has changed the way I clean up my manicures! Seriously! If you don't know, she taught me the idea that you use an old manicure corrector pen, dipped in acetone, to clean up stamping off your skin/cuticles. GAME CHANGER. I am serious you guys, I don't know what I did before I used that. I'm too afraid to go look at my clean-up, pre-Bregje!

Ok, so enough crazy Liz, onto the pictures, yes? Since Bregje is the Queen of beautiful, subtle stamped manicures I decided to emulate that. I used 2 Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Polishes, 1 pink & 1 silver. Sadly I don't know the exact name, since I bought them from a flea market, and the place where the name is supposed to be is rubbed off. I used the pink as my base, and stamped using the silver polish and the fishnet image from BM 209.

I hope I did you justice, Bregje my dear! Thanks so much for asking me! <3


Haha, I used to use cotton swabs before I found those pens and ofc I always ended up cleaning half my stamping with them as well. Brushes work too, but for me the pens work best. Glad to hear it does the trick for you too! ^^ The mani turned out lovely and subtle, and pink! Perfect for today =) Thanks a lot for your post, Liz :)

Elizabeth is one of the founders of Pink Wednesday, so on her blog you'll find more cute pink manis. And right now she's doing the 31 Day Challenge, so have a look at her blog!

Guest Post: The Nail Buff

The next guest post that I have for you is from Hennie from The Nail Buff.


When Bregje asked me if I wanted to do a guest post for her blog, it was like asking if the pope is a catholic. Obviously I did! I love Oooh Shinies, it's always been one of my firm favourites, and one of the blogs I where I found inspiration, and tried to learn from when I started my own nail blog. 
Doing stamping here feels a bit like trying to showcase my home carved clogs in a room full of Louboutins, but I hope there are some of you out there who actually like clogs. 

For this design I started with OPI DS Sapphire, which is a nice, linear holo. I feel I should mention this, since my photos completely fail to capture any holo what so ever. Go figure. 
I then stamped over with black, using Bundle Monster BM224, and dotted in some of the flowers with pink, green, blue and yellow. I also added a few rhinestones to the bigger flowers. Finally I wrapped my tips with a hot pink and declared myself done.

Ahh, I wish that polish was in my stash, so pretty! It's such a fun and colorful mani, and those tips, I always fail at that! Somehow I end up with blobs of polish on my nails here and there, I have to practice that a little bit more. Thanks a lot for your post and the laugh I got from it! :)

Have a look at Hennie's blog for great swatches and pretty manis, and a very handy cruelty free list!

Guest Post: Nightly Nails

Today's guest post is from Nicole from Nightly Nails. Enjoy!


Hi everyone! I was very honored when Bregje wrote and asked me to participate in her guest post series - and I get a bit of stage fright when I do guest posts, because I adore the people I'm posting for and I think they're so talented. Bregje always has such lovely posts!
I had to think a bit about what everyone might like to see, and then I decided I would combine two of my favorite things, green and flakies. So, today I have for you OPI Jade Is The New Black, which came out with the Hong Kong collection. I layered Nubar 2010 over the top of that, and then I used China Glaze Matte Magic. Flakies look especially amazing when you mattify them, I think. It's like opalescent goodness trapped under frosted glass.
I used two coats of OPI Jade Is The New Black, then one coat each of 2010 and Matte Magic. All of these photos are in natural light.

If you've never tried it, flakies also look great over Suzi Says Feng Shui, from the same collection - it's one of my favorite layering combinations! Everyone probably already realizes this, but Nubar 2010 and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure are basically dupes of each other, so if you don't have 2010 you could use Hidden Treasure for this combo as well, or one of the lovely Nfu Oh flakies. I hope you enjoyed my flakie layering, and huge thank you to Bregje for having me as a guest on her wonderful blog!


*Adds Jade Is The New Black to wish list* This is a great combo and I agree, mattified flakies are the best! And that makes me think of a flakie with Catrice frosting TC combo, I'll have to try that soon :) Essence has the flakies that Nicole shows here as well in one of their LE's, so if you want to try this as well, those could be an option too! Thanks for your lovely post, Nicole :)

Nicole shows every polish in different angles on her blog and does a great job on capturing colors like that!

Guest Post: LVCAM's Loqi

This guest post is from Loqi, the weekly guest blogger from Love. Varnish Chocolate and more...


Hello everyone! I am so excited to do this guest post for Bregje and you guys today! As some of you may know, I do a weekly guest post for Deborah who showed you some lovely skittle nails here a little while ago. I am very excited to get a chance to blog with such talented ladies!

Since all these guest posts bring so many different people, styles and moods together I thought it would be fitting to try a ‘mood ring manicure’ for this occasion. I first saw this type of manicure on
‘All lacquered up’. This manicure uses the CND effect polishes to create a super shimmery manicure that looks like it shifts colors, just like mood rings do. Here is what my try looks like:

Normal light


The original manicure uses CND – Copper shimmer, Emerald shimmer, Ice blue shimmer and Violet shimmer. Sadly I don’t own all the CND effects (yet! ) so instead of the Violet I used another stripe of Ice blue. I used 2 coats of Copper to blend all the lines as much as possible and I absolutely love it! The different colors are gorgeous together and when I move my hands it looks like I have little pieces of multicolored metal glued to my fingers. So shiny!
I hope you guys like this post, and thank you Bregje for having me over and inspiring others with your wonderful nails and manicures!


I never heard of a mood ring mani, but now I wish I had more CND Effects, layering them gives such a cool result! And it has a suiting name, it does remind me of those rings! Thanks a lot for your post, Loqi :)

Loqi joined Deborah's blog a while ago and I was happy to hear that, she does some lovely, creative manis, and now there's 2 great bloggers on one blog!

Guest Post: Nails and Noms

Here's another guest post for you, this time from Rie from Nails and Noms.


Hey Everyone!

When Bregje asked it I would do a guest post for her blog I jumped at the opportunity! I have been a fangirl of her blog for quite some time. She has killer stamping skills that I can only dream of acquiring some day! And her nails are friggen' flawless! ^_^

I wanted to do something special for her blog. I had recently just created my first gradient nail art as part of the 31 Day Challenge I'm currently doing, and I was excited to have the chance to create another one for Oooh, Shinies!

Guest Post for Oooh, Shinies!: Orange Juice Gradient

Guest Post for Oooh, Shinies!: Orange Juice Gradient
I like to call this one my "Orange Juice" gradient manicure. The squishy texture of the jelly polish mixed with the shimmer reminds me of a tall glass of ice filled orange juice! ^_^ I started off with a light coat of Y'All Come Back, Ya Hear? by OPI. Then I added another thin coat of YCBYH a little further up my nail. I then sponged on Free Love by China Glaze, Sunset by Sinful Colors, Ruby Rays by Maybelline, and finished the tips of my nails with a light sponging of Wild And Willing by Color Club.
Guest Post for Oooh, Shinies!: Orange Juice Gradient

Guest Post for Oooh, Shinies!: Orange Juice Gradient
Here's a few macro shots so you can get a closer look at the glitter and flakies. ♥
Guest Post for Oooh, Shinies!: Orange Juice Gradient
And here's the polishes I used to create the gradient. ^_^

Thanks for checking out my gradient nails, and a big thank you to Bregje for letting me pop in on her blog! ^_^

What a lovely gradient, and it's a great Fall mani! Note to self: sponge with flakies! Seriously, I never thought of adding those, but it sure looks good =) Thanks for your post Rie! :)

Rie has great swatches and very creative manis, especially now that she's doing the 31 Day Challenge, so make sure to have a look at her blog!

Guest Post: Ivana Thinks Pink

Today's guest post is from Ivana from Ivana Thinks Pink. Enjoy!


Hello everyone!

When Bregje asked me to do a guest post for her, I was so excited. I really love her nails; her blog is definitely one of my favorites. <3 I wanted to do something that reminds me of her. What else than great stamping manicure and amazing color combinations like she's doing them all the time. :)

I started with 2 coats of Pink Underground, then I sponged two thirds of the nail with Strawberry Fields and one third with Ahoy! – They’re all from China Glaze. I stamped all my nails with BM – 223 and Wet n Wild Black Crème and finished it with a layer of TC to give it an extra shine.

I know Bregje loves cats, so I took a picture with my kitty. Well, he’s not mine but we’re just taking care of him. He was sleeping so I took a chance to snap some shots. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed working on this manicure! Bregje, thanks again for having me here! :*


Pink, tigerstripes ánd a cute kitty? Needless to say, I'm loving it all :) Ahoy! is one of my favorite pinks, I'll have to try it for sponging sometime too! And look at all that fuzzy kittenfur ♥ Thanks a lot for your post, Ivana!

Want to see more awesome (and often pink) manis? Have a look at Ivana's blog!