Guest Post: Life and Polish

Today's guest post is from Elizabeth from Life and Polish.
Hi loves! I am so honoured that Bregje asked me to do a guest post for her. I love her nails, and her stamping and she has changed the way I clean up my manicures! Seriously! If you don't know, she taught me the idea that you use an old manicure corrector pen, dipped in acetone, to clean up stamping off your skin/cuticles. GAME CHANGER. I am serious you guys, I don't know what I did before I used that. I'm too afraid to go look at my clean-up, pre-Bregje!

Ok, so enough crazy Liz, onto the pictures, yes? Since Bregje is the Queen of beautiful, subtle stamped manicures I decided to emulate that. I used 2 Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup Polishes, 1 pink & 1 silver. Sadly I don't know the exact name, since I bought them from a flea market, and the place where the name is supposed to be is rubbed off. I used the pink as my base, and stamped using the silver polish and the fishnet image from BM 209.

I hope I did you justice, Bregje my dear! Thanks so much for asking me! <3


Haha, I used to use cotton swabs before I found those pens and ofc I always ended up cleaning half my stamping with them as well. Brushes work too, but for me the pens work best. Glad to hear it does the trick for you too! ^^ The mani turned out lovely and subtle, and pink! Perfect for today =) Thanks a lot for your post, Liz :)

Elizabeth is one of the founders of Pink Wednesday, so on her blog you'll find more cute pink manis. And right now she's doing the 31 Day Challenge, so have a look at her blog!