Guest Post: LVCAM's Loqi

This guest post is from Loqi, the weekly guest blogger from Love. Varnish Chocolate and more...


Hello everyone! I am so excited to do this guest post for Bregje and you guys today! As some of you may know, I do a weekly guest post for Deborah who showed you some lovely skittle nails here a little while ago. I am very excited to get a chance to blog with such talented ladies!

Since all these guest posts bring so many different people, styles and moods together I thought it would be fitting to try a ‘mood ring manicure’ for this occasion. I first saw this type of manicure on
‘All lacquered up’. This manicure uses the CND effect polishes to create a super shimmery manicure that looks like it shifts colors, just like mood rings do. Here is what my try looks like:

Normal light


The original manicure uses CND – Copper shimmer, Emerald shimmer, Ice blue shimmer and Violet shimmer. Sadly I don’t own all the CND effects (yet! ) so instead of the Violet I used another stripe of Ice blue. I used 2 coats of Copper to blend all the lines as much as possible and I absolutely love it! The different colors are gorgeous together and when I move my hands it looks like I have little pieces of multicolored metal glued to my fingers. So shiny!
I hope you guys like this post, and thank you Bregje for having me over and inspiring others with your wonderful nails and manicures!


I never heard of a mood ring mani, but now I wish I had more CND Effects, layering them gives such a cool result! And it has a suiting name, it does remind me of those rings! Thanks a lot for your post, Loqi :)

Loqi joined Deborah's blog a while ago and I was happy to hear that, she does some lovely, creative manis, and now there's 2 great bloggers on one blog!