Guest Post: My Polish Stash

Today's guest post is from Sabine from My Polish Stash.


Hello everyone!
Wow, I have been invited to write a guest post! I was thrilled and excited when Bregje asked me if I would like to write something for her blog. I immediately said yes, because I love reading her posts and watching her stunning stamping manicures. At the same time I felt anxious and nervous because I am quite new to blogging and nail art and due to her always so neat manicures I was a bit intimidated. As this is my first guest post ever, I decided to do something special for Oooh, Shinies!, something I haven’t done previously, something unexpected. Well, maybe for some of you who know my blog the topic I chose isn’t that unexpected, but still As I love to bake and eat cupcakes, I thought it would be fun to do a cupcake themed manicure. Due to lack of a cupcake stamping design (and stamping skills ;) ) I decided to go for some free hand nail art. With a little help from YouTube and Tumblr this is what I ended up with:

First I made a French white tip with Color Club Paris White and then applied one coat of Color Club’s Covered in Diamonds to add something glittery to the design. I then drew the cupcake liners with some light brown polish, outlined it with darker brown polish and added some yellow highlights. For the cupcake frosting I chose different pastel colors and again added some highlights with matching darker polishes to create a bit of dimension. When everything was try to the touch I added a coat of Seche Vite and I was done. I used a whole bunch of different colors, mostly from Essence Color & Go, and I don’t want to list all the names here. If you’d like to know which color is which, feel free to ask.
I haven’t done too much free hand nail art lately but I really enjoyed creating my very own design and will do this more often now. As a free hand nail art this is far from being professional but I really like the result and I hope so do you! And I hope you liked reading this post just as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thanks again to Bregje for inviting me to write this guest post! Now I’m craving some cake – wonder why
Have a nice day,
  • Sabine

I could go for some cake now too! Nomnom. These cute cupcakes turned out really good, I'm sure they would look all funky if I would try this, lol :) I'm curious to see what else you'll freehand in the future Sabine, thanks a lot for this post!

Sabine doesn't only make you go hungry, she also makes great swatches, so have a look at her blog!