Guest Post: The Nail Buff

The next guest post that I have for you is from Hennie from The Nail Buff.


When Bregje asked me if I wanted to do a guest post for her blog, it was like asking if the pope is a catholic. Obviously I did! I love Oooh Shinies, it's always been one of my firm favourites, and one of the blogs I where I found inspiration, and tried to learn from when I started my own nail blog. 
Doing stamping here feels a bit like trying to showcase my home carved clogs in a room full of Louboutins, but I hope there are some of you out there who actually like clogs. 

For this design I started with OPI DS Sapphire, which is a nice, linear holo. I feel I should mention this, since my photos completely fail to capture any holo what so ever. Go figure. 
I then stamped over with black, using Bundle Monster BM224, and dotted in some of the flowers with pink, green, blue and yellow. I also added a few rhinestones to the bigger flowers. Finally I wrapped my tips with a hot pink and declared myself done.

Ahh, I wish that polish was in my stash, so pretty! It's such a fun and colorful mani, and those tips, I always fail at that! Somehow I end up with blobs of polish on my nails here and there, I have to practice that a little bit more. Thanks a lot for your post and the laugh I got from it! :)

Have a look at Hennie's blog for great swatches and pretty manis, and a very handy cruelty free list!