My Red Angel plates arrived!

Wednesday the Red Angel plate set was waiting for me in the mailbox, yay! It's a set of 21 plates from Amazon (for the Dutch people, I payed €22 including shipping to NL), I saw them on a few blogs lately and I'm glad they're part of my platecollection now too =) This set has lots of full nail images, and there are a few images that do look a lot like images from BM/Konad and even one from Essence, but the majority has very original designs. Some of the images on these plates are slightly smaller than others, but they're all compareable to the size of the 2nd BM set and the Konad plates. The image that I used today is one of the images that's slightly smaller, and as you can see, it's no problem :)

The plates are pretty thin and don't have a protective cover at the back, but I don't mind that. The engravings looked a bit shallow though, so I was a little worried if they would transfer well. So I tried a few with a quick drying stamping polish (those are trickier for fine lines), and I'm happy to say that I didn't have any problems with them. So what can I say, the quality might not be like Konad, but they work fine and you get a lot of original images for a small price *happydance* 

For this mani I used Catrice London's Weather Forecast (2 coats) and RA plate 109 with China Glaze Millennium. LFW looks a bit darker irl and I'm really liking this combo ♥ I couldn't show it earlier because the weather was bad, and with grey weather I'm struggling a bit to get my pics color accurate and sharp at the same time. But tomorrow I'll go have a look for some new lightbox lamps see how long they last this time before I knock them over >.< that should help. I do have a flash on my cam, but I don't use it, and here's why:

The background cloth color is pretty accurate, but the rest...Yikes! Yesterday I got the tip to use a piece of white paper in front of the flash, which helped a little, but my flash is just a bit overexcited it seems. Oh well, now you know why I never include pics with flash when swatching =)

I'll be showing a lot more of these designs in the coming days, but if there's any design you'd like to see from these plates, do ask!
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend :)