Catrice & Essence upcoming changes! - Preview

Here's what we'll see in stores around February/March... ^^


The polishes that are discontinued are:

120 Plum Play With Me
130 Lucky In Lilac
140 Let's Mauve On!
320 Back To Black
340 Run Forest Run!
380 Forget-Me-Not!
430 Purplelized
440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
450 Sand Francisco
460 In The Bronx
470 Snow Motion!
480 Miss Piggy Reloaded
490 Iron Mermaiden
500 Sir! Yes, Sir!
540 Am I Blue Or Green?
580 Blues Brother Vol. II
590 Jade Is Not My Name
660 I'm A Star...

Those will be replaced by:

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Update: As some of you noticed (thanks for commenting about it!), it looks like some old polish will be back. The numbers 280 and 350 used to belong to London's Weather Forecast and Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!, and the bottom right polishes look a lot like those 2! Catrice has re-used names/numbers before, but I think they're just bringing back some older polish now.
And 240 used to be Sold Out Forever, which would match with the 3rd from the right. I guess the rest is new though, because they have a higher number.


The products that are discontinued are:

Colour & Go:
27 no more drama
32 gold rush
41 very berry
42 dress for a moment
45 date with the night
47 red-y to go
49 the only chance!
50 irreplaceable
54 trust in fashion
56 got a secret
62 reach peach
64 be optimistic!
69 it's khaki time!
77 in style
80 icy princess

Nail Art Magnetics:
01 miracle shine!
04 mystic wish!
05 pixie dust!

Nail Art Freestyle & Tip Painter:
04 pink!
05 purple magic
08 juicy coral

Nail Art Special Effect! Topper:
05 time for reflection
06 you're a gold mine

Nail Art Twins Colour Base & Glitter Topper:
02 romeo & julia
06 bella & edward
07 chuck & blair
08 gabriella & troy

Those will be replaced by:

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Oh I can't wait =D And I know a lot of brands are bringing us flakies lately, but Essence Glisten Up! is still my favorite, so I'm very curious how these new Essence flakies will look! And more magnetics that will probably work for stamping again...yes please! The Catrice stuff looks good as well, but the Essence nail art things got most of my attention here =)

The new products should be in stores in February/March, and the products that are discontinued should be half the price now. My local stores had no idea about the changes and the prices are still the same, but that should be adjusted soon then. There's a lot more products that these 2 brands are changing, but those aren't nail-related, so I didn't add them here.

What do you think of these new shinies? :)