Glitters! (And how to remove them)

As you might remember, last month I entered a contest held by Marta from ChitChat Nails. It was my first contest and I was a bit insecure about entering, but wooo, I came in 2nd! Thank you for all the votes :)
Salla from OMG! Polish 'em! was first and won the Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe collection with her lovely mani. But she already had 3 of those polishes and wanted to share her prize with me, how sweet is that! Thank you so much Salla, that was really kind of you :) And thanks a lot to Marta as well, who agreed with it and ended up sending 2 packages, ánd spoiling us both with some extra pretties ♥

The first polish that I'll be showing you is Color Club Candy Cane (3 coats), a gorgeous pink glitter that has some holographic glitter in it as well. It's very sparkly on it's own, but of course I had to add top coat to make it sparkle even more. This color is very flattering for my skintone and I'm loving it! :)

Because removing glitters can be nasty, with cotton pads breaking down and glitters ending up everywhere, I wanted to show you an easy way to do this with foil. If you're not sure how that works, read on =)

Cut strips of aluminium foil and cotton pads (or if you're lazy like me, just tear it in pieces) and get a remover with acetone. These removers work best for glitters, and the foil won't react with the acetone. Use the remover on the pads, place them on your nails and wrap it up with a piece of foil, then let it soak for a few minutes.

Then use some pressure on the package and wipe the whole thing off. Tadaa! Almost fully clean, and the bits that are left on the sides are soaked as well, so they'll come off nice and easy too.

I opened one the foil packages that I wiped off, and as you can see, all the glitters stay in place. No more glittery fingers! It takes a bit of extra effort, but it ends up being a lot faster than the usual cleaning, and it's nicer for your cuticles as well :)

What can help as well for removing glitters is using a normal polish as base below your glitter, the glitters will attach to that more and not so much to your nails. You can also add a coat of polish or top coat before removing them, so the layers of glitterpolish soften a bit and are easier to remove. But when you use foil these things aren't needed.

Update: There's now a Peel Off Base Coat available (but you can make it yourself as well), and it works great for glitters! Check out my review here.

Thanks for stopping by!