4 of the new Catrice polishes

This morning I went to the store, hoping they'd have the new Catrice stuff, and I was lucky! The majority of the display was updated, but some polishes still had the old version of it. I didn't mind that too much though, it made it a lot easier to choose =) Here are the ones that I took home!

All swatches are without base- and topcoat.

Heavy Metallilac
2 coats

Oh my, is this gorgeous or what! It does show some light brushstrokes, but with a color like this I couldn't care less ♥

Genius In The Bottle
3 coats

Well hello there, wannabe Péridot! I don't have the real thing to compare with, but considering that Chanel Péridot costs almost 10x as much, I think it's close enough either way :) Again some visible light brushstrokes, but the 3rd coat evened things out a bit more. The darker bronze color shows up better irl.

Karl Says Très Chic
2 coats

I only tried 1 Ultimate Nudes polish before, and even though that was a pretty color, it didn't cover well at all and using it as a sheer polish looked terribad. So I was a bit hesitant to try this one, but after looking at the brush of this polish and some other Ultimate Nudes in the store, it looked like this one would actually cover well. So I took it home, and I'm glad I did! It's a soft and delicate looking rose colored polish, but it's darker than my pics show.

Put Lavender On Agenda
2 coats

When I saw this on pictures I wasn't sure if I needed it, I thought it was maybe too similar to some other taupe polishes. But it's more purple than I thought, and it's pretty!

I think Catrice added some great new colors and I'm sure I'll end up with some more of them, but I'm not completely positive. They changed the brush, and I don't like the new one! It's bigger and softer, and the application just gets a bit tricky for me with these kind of wobbly wide brushes. It did get easier the more I swatched, but I don't think I'll get fully used to it. Too bad!

The 2 cremes look boring next to the duochromes, but they make me think of stamping straight away and I'm sure they'll make great bases! What do you think of the new Catrice polishes?

Thanks for looking :)