Herôme W.I.C. Toulouse, Bordeaux and One Minute Dry Spray - Review

Hi all! Herôme World Inspired Colours will come out with a new limited edition every 2 months, and the first one of the year is W.I.C. France. I received 2 of these for review, together with Herôme One Minute Dry Spray, and today I tried it all.
My swatches are without base- and top coat.


Almost a 1-coater, I used 2 here. I didn't expect this to be satin matte, that was a nice surprise as it dried up! Because it's not chalkboardy matte, it doesn't dry as fast and you can take your time with the application. Will have to try this one for stamping as well :)


I used 3 coats for the photos because they showed VNL (visible nail lines), but 2 was enough. It photographs brighter than it really is, and it's pretty and flattering, but not an original color.

I tried the One Minute Dry Spray with this polish, you have to wait 1 minute after applying your polish, and then spray it on each nail for a maximum of 3 seconds.
Now I have quick dry drops from a different brand, but I don't like those, they leave a greasy layer on my nails and fingers. This spray has olive oil-extract and vitamine E to moisturize your cuticles, so I thought it might leave a greasy feeling too. But as you can see on the pics, there's nothing greasy about my nails or fingers! My cuticles feel nice and soft, and as the spray mentions, the polish looks shiny after using it. And the polish is almost completely dry after spraying, I could rub with my fingers over the polish with quite a bit of pressure, but pressing another nail in it did give a dent. I haven't found a quick dry product yet that doesn't have that, so I think it works well.

I almost always use a quick dry top coat, to seal in my nail art or to make a mani last longer, but I think it can be handy when you're going for a quick mani or for speeding up the waiting time with taped manis. Overall, I think it's a nice quick dry product, it's easy to use and does what it says, but I do think it's quite expensive. Although I have no idea how long this bottle will last, it's €9,95 for 75ml.

Here are the other polishes in the W.I.C. France LE.

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