Collage of the Month: March

Hi everyone! Yesterday I moved and I also unpacked all my polish again (felt a bit like Christmas even tho it's my own stash, lol), and thanks to the help of my family who did an incredible job, my new house already feels a lot like home :) The cats are doing very well, Sue was brave and took the lead in discovering the new house, Dewey is usually very brave but he was panicking and took it the worst yesterday. But this morning he refound his usual curious nature and attitude and followed Sue, and he already checked out the whole house now too! Only Bindi hasn't been downstairs yet, she took it all surprisingly well but the stairs just don't make any sense and she's scared to go down. Hopefully that'll go better soon, but it hasn't even been a day now, so I'm SO happy with how they're doing! :)
There's still plenty to do and to unpack, but I should be back to posting more often again soon!

My Nail Art Contest was won by Nailstyle, congrats to her! Thank you to all who entered, ánd to InLinkz who kindly sponsored the contest!

Thanks for looking and enjoy your Sunday :)