Easter skittles

Hi everyone! For Easter I wanted to do something different and went for a skittles mani, but I have to say I wasn't loving the result. Maybe I should've mixed the colors more instead of doing them like this, or maybe it was the color choices, I'm not sure, but I'll try it again sometime :)

From index to pinkie: China Glaze Something Sweet, China Glaze Sweet Hook, Essence Fall For Me, Essence Replay. All with an image from DRK_A and Konad White polish.

My hands and nails survived the moving well, but it seems they gave up right after, lol. Chipped nails and dry skin, ugh! With such things it's harder to resist my old biting and picking habbit, so today I'll be spending some time with cotton gloves and creme on, hope it improves soon!

Enjoy your day off today and take care :)