Glittery birthday mani

Heya! Today it's my 30th birthday (ding!) and I wanted to wear something fun and festive, so I went for Essence Circus Confetti on a pink base. My pics show it a lot less bright and colorful than it is though, it looks so much better irl! If you have one of those glitter toppers, try it on a bright pink sometime, I really ♥ this combo :)

China Glaze Dance Baby with Essence Circus Confetti.

My day didn't start as fun though, Dewey needs to have his pee checked and he didn't like to be locked up with an empty litterbox. I think the whole neighbourhood heard him, lol. I put him in a different room at some point, and there he calmed down a bit. So I hoped he peed, and well, he did, just not in the litterbox >.< So now I have a lot of bedstuff to wash, eek! Luckily not from my own bed though, but meh, I felt sorry for him cause I'm sure he didn't want that either. The next attempt will be with plastic litterbox filling, hope that goes better and that all is fine!

And here's the little furball, being curious as always I found him checking out my awesome new dishwasher (omg where have you been all my life) the other day!

Thanks for looking and take care :)