Nude lace

Hey all! After not polishing for quite some time it was hard to pick something, but then I found Catrice Nude from their current FeMALE collection. I don't have many nude polishes and this looked like a nice one, I think it can match with several colors. Nude is a soft touch polish, not fully matte but I liked the effect, so I finished with a soft touch top coat now as well. I think I liked the mani better when it was still shiny though, but those pictures didn't turn out so well, so I'm just showing it matte now =)

Catrice Nude with Red Angel plate 109, Konad Black and Essence Soft Touch TC.

I received the DRK-A plate and wanted to try it, but my short nails looked extra tiny next to these images. I mean, look at the size of those things! So I'll try that out some other time, when my nails are longer again :)

To give you a better idea of the sizes of full nail images from different brands, here are the ones that I have. As you can see, the BM set 2, RA, Konad and Essence images are almost the same size and I have no problem with any of those. The BM set 1 images are too small for my nails most of the time. I don't think I'll have issues with the size of the DRK-A images, but I'll probably just use like half of those images to prevent fully stamped fingers!

Please note: the up-to-date comparison can always be found at my Stamping Plate Sizes page.

Thanks for looking and take care :)

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