Polish rings

Hi all! It's been a while, I'm not really into blogging atm. I'm just in the mood to wear either no polish (ya really!) or some of the polish that I've already shown here once or twice, so I'm just enjoying those pretties again without posting them. So that's why you haven't seen me around much :) But the last few days I've been busy making polish rings, and I did want to share those with you!

I wanted to make jewelry with polish for ages, but it didn't look as easy and cheap with all the stuff needed. But then I saw this great tutorial from Rebecca Likes Nails, with a different and easy way to make them, and off to eBay I went! I'll have to order more rings though, I had them filled in no time and I want to try stamping some as well, so that'll come next time :) And really, if you were doubting about making some jewelry like this, go for it! It's fun, easy and a great way to wear even more polish! =)

My camera freaked out from all the sparkles, the holos and the duochromes, so some look a bit blah here. But to give you a bit of an idea, here's what I made:

Top sponge, top row:
A England Dragon - Misa Burnished Bronze - Essence Where Is The Party? - Catrice In The Bronx with Catrice Million Dollar Baby - HEMA 11
Top sponge, bottom row:
Genius In The Bottle - Nfu.Oh 51 - OPI The Show Must Go On! - Nubar Moon Shadow - Catrice Khaki Perry
Bottom sponge, top row:
Nubar Violet Sparkle - OPI DS Reflection - China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out - Essence City That Never Sleeps on Violet Sparkle - A England Saint George 
Bottom sponge, bottom row:
Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy - Max Factor Fantasy Fire - Nfu.Oh 64 - China Glaze Ahoy! - OPI DS Extravagance

I think you'll see some of them on their own sometime as well (or when I'm wearing them), because it's a lot easier for me to capture them like that. But here's one of them already on itself, Nfu.oh 51...love love love! Seriously, does this look awesome or what?!

And here we have Dragon and Saint George in a close up as well ♥

And just a few tips if you're going to make some, in the tutorial Rebecca says you have to wait till your glass cabochon is totally dry before glueing it on, listen to that :P The OPI TSMGO! ring was the last one I made and I thought it was dry enough so I didn't wait till it dried completely, and now it misses a tiny bit of polish on one side. It came out from in between the ring base and the cabochon when I pressed the 2 together! Luckily it's not so visible, but I know it's there and I dislike that, haha. So that one I don't like as much, and the one with Million Dollar Baby is my least favorite, but I adoooore the rest!

And if you used too much glue, like I had a few times, take a hobby knife and/or a needle, add some patience and scratch it all off. I was worried the rings or the glass would get scratched, but they didn't :)

Thanks for looking and have fun if you're gonna make some as well! ^^

Glamorous Life

I was looking at Essence Glamorous Life a few times in the store, but every time I thought it was too alike Zoya Alegra (from the Sparkle collection). But I do love Alegra, it's one of my favo pedi polishes, so in the end GL went home with me. And I ♥ this one as well! I'm wearing it as pedi now too, yay for sparkly toes!
And they're no dupes, GL is more red and lighter than Alegra. But my pics show it too red though, the magenta shows better irl. I used 3 thin coats of GL and no top coat here.

Essence Glamorous Life.

China Glaze Summer Neons - Preview

Heat Up Your Summer with China Glaze® Summer Collection

Los Angeles, CA – (March 2012):  The sun has nothing on you this summer!  Rival its brightness and heat with China Glaze® Summer 2012 collection, Summer Neons.  Featuring 12 new sizzling shades perfect for surf, sand and nightlife, the all new hot hues in China Glaze® Summer Neons include:
·         Pink Plumeria: Light pink with gold shimmer
·         Under the Boardwalk: Fluorescent raspberry
·         Splish Splash: Bright sky blue shimmer
·         Love’s A Beach: Sizzling hot pink
·         Hang-Ten Toes: Bubblegum neon with iridescent purple shimmer
·         Beach Cruise-r: Glimmering fuchsia grape
·         Orange You Hot?: Bright orange with attention-grabbing gold glimmer
·         Surfin’ For Boys: Glistening bright coral
·         Flirty Tankini: Shimmery strawberry smoothie pink
·         Ride the Waves: Dark ocean blue
·         I’m With the Lifeguard: Glimmering lime green
·         Sun-Kissed: Hot highlighter yellow

Also available 8-piece box collection featuring Under The Boardwalk, Ride The Waves, I’m With The Lifeguard, Sun-Kissed, Orange You Hot?, Surfin’ For Boys, Flirty Tankini and Pink Plumeria.

China Glaze® Summer Neons will be available as open stock colors and 12-piece counter display.  Individual polishes retail for $7 MSRP and the 8-piece box set retails for $56.  China Glaze® Summer Neons will be available at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide in June 2012.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: www.chinaglaze.com.

Essence Ready For Boarding - Preview

Here's the preview for the Essence Ready For Boarding Trend Edition. It'll be available from mid July till August in the Netherlands and from mid June-mid July in Belgium. I don't know about other countries!

From left to right: sending you kisses, beauty on tour, exits on your right, via airmail!, destination sunshine, peel off basecoat.

Yes, you read that correct, it's a peel off basecoat. A what? Well, according to the info, it's a basecoat for when you're in a rush. After applying it, the white texture goes transparant and then you can apply your normal polish. To remove your polish, you just have to peel it off! And then you can reapply the basecoat again for your next mani.
Now that sounds interesting, but I wonder if that'll work. I mean, peeling off your polish will usually damage your nails, and if this doesn't damage your nails, I wonder how long a mani with it will last? It makes me think of things like taking a shower and ending up with naked nails! If the polishes look like this in the store as well, I'll probably skip them, but I'm really curious to try out that basecoat. Imagine if that works, glitter polish could become oh so easy to remove!

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