Essence Ready For Boarding - Preview

Here's the preview for the Essence Ready For Boarding Trend Edition. It'll be available from mid July till August in the Netherlands and from mid June-mid July in Belgium. I don't know about other countries!

From left to right: sending you kisses, beauty on tour, exits on your right, via airmail!, destination sunshine, peel off basecoat.

Yes, you read that correct, it's a peel off basecoat. A what? Well, according to the info, it's a basecoat for when you're in a rush. After applying it, the white texture goes transparant and then you can apply your normal polish. To remove your polish, you just have to peel it off! And then you can reapply the basecoat again for your next mani.
Now that sounds interesting, but I wonder if that'll work. I mean, peeling off your polish will usually damage your nails, and if this doesn't damage your nails, I wonder how long a mani with it will last? It makes me think of things like taking a shower and ending up with naked nails! If the polishes look like this in the store as well, I'll probably skip them, but I'm really curious to try out that basecoat. Imagine if that works, glitter polish could become oh so easy to remove!