O hai!

Long time no see! Well, I haven't been doing much with my nails lately at all and during my blogging break I got stressed and fell back into my old habit of picking my nails and cuticles as well. That didn't help for my polish mood! At times I wanted to blog, but I felt a bit meh about blogging (what do I have to add to so many great blogs out there blah blah blah) and combined with the condition of my nails it stopped me from doing so earlier. But I'm glad I didn't go all out on my fingers and things are almost back to normal and healthy again, and hey, I should be blogging because I enjoy it, nothing more! So it's time for a post :)

While I was busy with other stuff I also missed my 2y blogiversary, so today I went with a festive, blingy polish that I wanted to try out for quite some time. It's a holographic glitter polish, but instead of the standard silver glitters (in normal light), these have a lilac tint to them. As usual with these kinda polishes, it was impossible to capture the holo in the glitters, but it's so gorgeous in sunlight! One of those polishes that make you go "ahhh, my eyes!!" and yet it's impossible to stop staring at it =)

Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy.

Link Love

Hey everyone :) As I said before, I'm not really into blogging atm, and I'm not sure when I'll be back. Reading a book in the sun in my garden, cleaning dirty catpaws from all over the place (it seems little Dewdew doesn't care much about rain >.<), playing Diablo, just enjoying my new house, ...Doing my nails just isn't high on my list right now!
But I'd like a different first post on my blog in the meantime, and I'd love for people to show/find new blogs here, so if you have a blog, please feel free to add an image with your link! ♥