Golden Galahad & kittens

I finally managed to get my hands on China Glaze 2030 for a reasonable price, and as soon as it came in, I just had to stamp with it straight away! I was wearing Galahad when I got it, and that one made a nice match with the golden 2030. 2030 is a bit less warm golden than I thought it would be, and it's closest to Essence Pixie Dust! in my stash, which also works for stamping. But it's not a dupe in color and it has a different finish as well, so I'm glad I finally got it :)

A England Galahad, China Glaze 2030 and Red Angel plate 109.

I bet this would look lovely when mattified as well! And what can I say, I love this image :)

Now enough about polish, here are the kittens again! They're doing great, they're in their pants-climbing-period, which isn't as great, lol. 2 of them are still a bit scared of me, but I'm sure it'll work out fine.

First up is Naeva, the smallest of the bunch. Tiny package, huge personality! Attempts to mew at me, but often her mouth opens and not much comes out, aww. And she loves to cuddle in my neck and sleep in my hair ♥

Then we have Tara, the biggest of them all. Little miss with a will of her own! Still a bit scared sometimes, especially of being picked up (ouch!), but also has a big engine inside her :)

This is Ysera, in her favorite sleeping position. She's still a bit scared as well, also to be picked up, and that I have to give meds so often doesn't help. Although she's taking it all pretty good, and luckily her poor little face seems to heal up fairly well. I doubt she'll recover completely, but tomorrow we have a checkup at the vet, curious to hear what he thinks of her improvements!

And here's the naughty one of the bunch, Amin, and as you can see he likes to poke stuff! Enjoys using his teeth and nails, needs to learn that's not always fun, but has his adorable moments as well (when he sleeps :P). Amin's the escape artist together with partner in crime Naeva, they just love to follow me and want to discover the whole house!

They all discovered how the playrails work, and of course Amin had to try and bite it as well :)

After all the playing it's naptime :)

Tara likes to play with my pants and of course she thinks I shouldn't whine about it!

Amin and his sister Tara discovered how to get under the blankets, which is great fun for the others =)

My cat Dewey (an old fosterkitten) sure is interested in them, although at times he's annoyed and confuzed what to do. He left his mum too early as well, so he needs to learn a bit more about how to deal with the kittens, it doesn't always make sense to him. But the kittens needed to learn that the big cat wouldn't hurt them as well, their first reaction was all big tails, high back, as Amin shows here! And then they all followed my Dewdew in this position, haha.

As you can see here, little brave Naeva just goes for him!

And this is the reaction he now often gets when he enters the room, a pack of stalkers! That annoys him at times, and them jumping his tail doesn't help, haha.

There, big update, hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by! :)