Kitten update! *warning: pic heavy*

I've slacked with showing you the fosterkittens, so today I'll just throw a whole bunch of pics online :) The oldest 2, the brother and sister, got their shots and chip last week and found a new home within a few hours. And they'll stay together, I'm so happy with that! Their new owners will pick them up tomorrow, and it'll be nice when it's a bit calmer (right now I have 7 cats in my house, my inner crazy cat lady is pleased, haha), but I'll sure miss these 2 adorable kitties!

Because I added sooo many pics, I'll only show this one here, to see all the other pics, click below :)

In random order!

It's a bad quality pic, but aren't these 2 adorable? These are the 2 that will be leaving tomorrow!

Here's the one with the injured face, Ysera, and as you can see a little bit, her left side looks a bit odd. That won't change much anymore but she improved SO much! And she's not as afraid anymore, turns out she really is the sweetest little thing :)

This little bundle of joy I called Naeva for her time here. Right now she has an infection in her eye, but the meds for it should work soon :) And she loves to cuddle in my hair, aaawww!

Ysera and Naeva will stay for a few more weeks until they're big and healthy enough for their shots and chips.

Here's the little lady that's leaving tomorrow, I called her Tara, but her owners are of course allowed to rename them and I'm practicing with their new names. But they're kittens, so it's not like they'll listen anyway!

My Dewey isn't always sure what to do with the kittens, poor thing. Sometimes he plays with them, sometimes he attacks a bit more serious, at times he washes them... Last few days he got a bit frustrated, especially Tara and Amin (or Amientje as I call him in Dutch) can be a bit annoying and all over him! But earlier I caught him sleeping with 2 of the kittens in a basket ♥
As you can see, Amientje isn't really impressed by Dew, lol.

I think she looks like a little angel here :)

Favo sleeping position, front paws in, back paws stretched!

Tara has such adorable big and soft paws, love them.

Isn't Amientje pretty?

Even though his eyes don't always look straight forward :D

Dew threw the kitchenpaper on the ground, fun stuff!

Little thinker, ahh I'm glad she and Yse won't leave just yet!

Amientje likes to hang on my neck and snooze a bit, so cute and soft! Until he wakes up and thinks "hey, an earring, I can has?" >.<

Tara likes to hang on the couch instead...

And they all enjoy helping me at the pc! Although things can get a bit hard when there's a paw holding down some buttons, lol.

Especially Naeva loves my screen, must get that little arrow! And she's quite a talented writer I must say ^^

I thought it would be fun to give 'em catgrass...Sue shows how it's done, but the kittens didn't quite get it...plants are to play with, not eat!

Poor Sue wasn't pleased with Tara slapping her precious grass.

And then things got worse...

After this I saved the plant :)

Cute paws ♥

And I'll end with the ones that are leaving again.

I hope you enjoyed this picspam!

Now of course this is a nailblog, but while I'm showing the kittens, I'd like to inform you a bit about fostering as well. Unfortunately a lot of animal shelters are packed with animals, especially kittens around this time of year. And loads of shelters are always looking for fosterhomes! For example, my local shelter could always use homes for kittens without a mum (like the ones above), pregnant females or females with their litter, cats that need to recover from an injury or disease, dogs that need to recover, and pups. The food costs, vet bills, etc. are -over here at least- handled by the shelter, so all you need is time and a lot of TLC to give. A camera is handy too :) Maybe you, or someone you know, never thought of fostering but would love it as much as I do!

If you have a cat and think it would be fun to have a litter of kittens, please consider the huge amount of animals still waiting for a loving home. Neutering your cats is always a good thing (also to prevent certain health and behaviour issues later on) and you could instead have a look at your local shelter for a foster option :) That way you can still have the joy (and the wrecked house, lol) of having kittens! They usually get neutered by the shelter as well, so they won't add to the problem later on either.

Now, back to cuddling my adorable little guests :) Thanks for looking!