Mossy green with cling wrap

I wanted to say moldy, but mossy sounds nicer, right? So I'll just keep it at that! I wanted to try out the cling wrap method and use an untried green polish as well. The cling wrapping was quick and easy, it's a fun result and anyone can do this! And I'm happy with the green polish as well, it's yellow-based, so it matches great with some greens that I don't use as often (most of my greens are blue-based).
But this colorcombo with the wrapping? A part of me thinks it's cool and a part of me thinks gogo remover! I'll keep it on for now, I might start to like it more then and maybe I'll try some stamping over it later. I considered mattifying it as well, but I think that'll just increase my thought of having moldy nails, lol.
Wat do you think of the result, yay or nay?

Essence Exits On Your Right with A England Dragon.

In case you haven't heard of this cling foil method before, as I said above, it's really easy! Just apply a basecolor and wait till it's fully dry, make some balls of cling wrap, apply another color and start dabbing with a wrapball while the polish is still wet. Top coat and done!

Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend :)

Update, I'm starting to like this mani a lot more, but I asked my mum what she thought... "It doesn't look moldy at all! It reminds me of spinach a la creme". Lol! So yeah, now it feels like I have veggienails :P