Prrr mieuw!

Hi all! No polished paws today, but kitten paws instead! Yesterday I picked up some new fosterkittens from our shelter, and have been way too busy to do my nails since, haha. I enjoyed my last mani for several days, but it starts to chip now as well and I hope some polishes arrive today, so I can slap those on! Although I doubt it lasts long, one of these kittens needs to learn that those colored things on my hands and toes ain't toys that should be killed :)

The kittens are from 3 different litters, and suggestions for names are welcome! Here are the 2 youngest ones, estimated 3.5-4 weeks old:


Attempting to wash, but those paws keep attacking! ♥

This kitten is injured to her face, so I won't show many pictures of her, the other side doesn't look so nice. She has a lot of meds, and hopefully all will get well, poor thing.

The other kitten here is the one you see below as well. These 2 aren't so fond of me yet and like to greet me with some hissing, but when I pet them they secretly enjoy it as well :)

And here we have the 2 older kittens, estimated 5.5 weeks old, the little lady first followed by her brother.

From all the pics above it's probably clear already that the male is the best model!

They're all so adorable, so I'm off to go "ooh"and "aah" some more! Have a great weekend :)