Essence for Fall/Winter - Preview

As you might have seen, Essence will be changing their standard assortment again. The new stuff should be available for everyone in September, but I've seen that some people already got the new polishes, so I'll be checking my store soon again!

The biggest change are their polish bottles, the new bottles will have 8ml instead of their current 5ml. The cap is still the same color as the polish, which I always liked, it makes it so much easier to pick the right color from my Helmers!

There will be 44 Colour & Go polishes (some old, some new) and 6 Nude Glam polishes, both will sell for €1,69.

All images are clickable for an enlargement.

There will be more new nail products, like whitening products, the peel off basecoat (I missed that one during their LE which had it too, apparently it's great for glitterpolish, do want!), transparent rings which you can polish, a glow in the dark topper, files, etc. Below you can see the other polishes that will be added as well.

The above images came from the PR company, the images below I took from the Essence website. If you want to see the products mentionned here as well, have a look at their website :)

These Colour and Change polishes will be sold with a Change Designer, you apply the polish, wait for it to dry then use the Designer to draw on your nails. Within seconds the color should change, as you can see on the cap. Both the polishes and the Change designer will cost €1,99.

The new Cracking top coat, €1,89. 

The new Magnetics, €1,89. The last bunch of Magnetics didn't all works as well for stamping as the ones before that, so I hope this one does work better again. Would like to stamp with this color!

The new Special Effect toppers, €1,89.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to try some of these new products! =D