Fishnets & hearts

Heya! :) The other day one of the producers of the DRK plates was so kind to leave a comment on an older post here, where I said the images smudged a bit and that I wasn't sure what caused that. She explained that the images on their plates are a bit deeper than most other plates, so the polish is still very wet when it's on the stamp. I always rush with stamping, and of course it easily smudges when the polish is still really wet, so that made perfect sense! She said that you don't need to hurry with their plates, but of course I did hurry to try that out ^^
So I picked an image with very fine lines and a metallic stamping polish, both of those usually dry very fast, and I stamped more relaxed than I'd normally do with a combo like that. And what do you know, it worked perfect! So if you experienced smudging with their plates as well, you could actually try working a bit slower!

Catrice Karl Says Très Chic with China Glaze Emotion and an image from DRK-A.

I think this turned out so simple and cute! ♥ But I had a busy day today, and I couldn't make photos until later this afternoon, so that's why there's some tipwear already.