Instagram compilation #1

Hi all! I recently joined Instagram (ooohshinies) and I thought it would be fun to show some of those photos on my blog as well every now and then. Would love to hear what you think of this idea! :)
Here are the first 2 compilations.

1) I never completely empty my TC, I just start with a new bottle instead. When that one's less full as well, I combine the 2.
2) Dewey under one of his favorite plants in the garden. It was already here when I moved here, I don't think it's such a pretty plant (and I'm being gentle here, haha) but he loved it from the first moment!
3) The MASH plates arrived!
4) Sue being lazy (as usual) :)
5) My new plate storage folder, it's a cardfolder for like Magic cards and stuff. Just need to cut some paper to put in between the plates, right now they slide out too easy.
6) Before I put all my plates in the new folder, I piled them up!
7) China Glaze polish arrived in a big box, kittens happy =)
8) Kitty curious as always!
9) This was a preview of that mani, with some garden flowers in the background. Unfortunately my fingers ain't so green and the flowers look a bit sad now, lol

1) Making new polish rings.
2) The cabochons for the rings are finished, time to glue!
3) Picked up the peel off base coat earlier, curious if I'll like it and think I'll do a review of it as well.
4) I kinda never post pics of myself, but there you have it, me! Still hiding a bit behind an Instagram filter :)
5) Salla was having fun with her stash and asked me to join her, so that's my stash on a big pile! Naeva walked over the pile and went straight for that blue polish, fished it out of the rest of the stash and started playing with it.
6) Made a rainbow of it afterwards =D
7) Naeva shows she fits perfectly in one of my ballerina's.
8) Nail mail!
9) Marta tagged me to show my righthand. My index/middle nails never fully recovered from years of biting and are often a little bit shorter (or perhaps I just use them too much >.<) After that I also found out how I can mark my pics on my phone in a more subtle way, heh.