More kittenpics is always a good thing, right? *pic heavy*

I couldn't choose between some pics, and because you guys reacted so great to my previous kitten posts, I figured to just spam pics again! The older 2 kittens have moved to their new owners, last I heard they were doing great and adjusting well, yay! :) So this time I have pics of the 2 remaining kittens, who got their shots and chips last Thursday, and they're going up for adoption via the shelter this Thursday. I'm not sure how long they'll stay here, but I'm surely gonna miss these 2 ♥

Click below to see all the other pics!

Naeva still likes to join me at my desk, she's always excited to come "help" me with whatever I'm doing. Her eye wasn't 100% here but it's all healed up again :)

Ysera also enjoys my screen a lot at the moment, especially when I'm playing a game that involves a bird on the screen! And if there's no bird, then there's still a little arrow that's also fun.

Naeva just loves little boxes! She puts her head and frontpaws in them and shoves around the room like that, lol. Here she's having a bite.

Ysera loves my Dewey, here I gave them all some dried matatabi leaves and she instant went to see what he had. They're so adorable together ♥

I shared my love for polish with these 2 kittens, look at them sleeping on/against remover and polish! ^^

Naeva is the bossy one as this pic shows as well, lol.

But they can also play with each other's tails at the same time :)

Ysera went knockout after my dad came and played with her for quite some time.

She loves those bean bags!

As you maybe noticed, her nose looks a bit different than usual. As I said before, she came here with an injured face, poor thing. I don't want to post a pic of how she looked before, because it doesn't look so nice and I don't want to kinda force such pics upon people.
But because I'm incredibely proud of how brave this little girl is, and I'm SO happy and excited to see how much she changed and improved, I do want to share it a bit. So instead of posting a pic, you can click here if you want to see her on her first day here. It makes me tear up looking back and seeing what she went through, but I'm over the moon with how she's doing now!
From an injured, oh so scared kitten she's now almost completely normal and very special! Right now her eye is still healing, she can see with it but there's scar tissue on it and we don't know if/how much it will improve further. Her nose just lacks a little piece, and her mouth is a bit odd shaped as well at one side of the bottom. She now also lost her teeth between the canines in her lower jaw, and again we don't know if they'll grow back. But that's not a problem for her, the only thing I notice is that her tongue hangs out her mouth more often than most cats do that, and tbh, that's pretty cute :)

Unfortunately she was sitting in front of that lamp, but here's what I mean:

Now back to the less serious stuff again! Poor Yse had a bit dirty ears and needed some earcleaner, needless to say, she was not amused =D

Dewdew went from often being a bit confuzed and sometimes frustrated to a much more relaxed cat after the first 2 left, and now he takes care of these 2 quite often. He ended up learning well, it was his first time with kittens. My other 2 cats aren't on any of the pics, they prefer to ignore the kittens or watch them from a bit more distance.
Here Naeva is sitting on top of him and getting washed, awww :)

And when she's tired of that, his paws are big enough to hold her in place, haha.

As you could see in a pic above, Naeva was lying in a purple basket with polish and stuff. Yse often wanted to join her, but it just didn't fit, so I gave them an empty basket. See, fits perfectly! ^^

And they got yet another basket, because they're fun to play with and throw around as well!

Dew came in with a bug the other day, and as usual, Ysera turned on her little engine and went prrrr to Dew. But this time he had a moving thing that made sound as well! Even more reason to rush over and have a look.

Dewey was so nice to share his prey with her (although that was probably because he didn't like the taste of it, heh). She was so happy with it!

She carried it around, poked it here and there, and kept prrr-ing the whole time.

Naeva joined Dew in a basket yesterday, he went for a wash straight away.

She wasn't in the mood for that, she wanted to play! Blurry pic, but she's going for a little bite.

Getting washed while chewing on Dew's head, lol. Nom!

And of course Ysera often gets washed as well.

She loves that :)

"Come here kitten, I wasn't done with you!"

Yesterday I heard some soft growling and even a hiss, turns out it was Yse! She got this new toy which is just a bunch of feathers basically, and she loved this thing from the moment she got it! I haven't heard her hissing in quite some time now, but on the side of the toy was a little thing that made sound and moved, and she considered it a threat to her prey :D Naeva sneaking up on her to check out her toy didn't help either, so she kept walking and growling, mainly to the toy, haha. Blurry pic, but look at her with her prey, so small still but obviously a real cat!

Naeva shows she loves my shopping bags. While I put my stuff in the fridge, she's going nuts with them every single time!

And lastly, here's what's lying next to me while I type this, I'm sitting here going "awwww!" and making more pics, haha. They're just too darn cute at times ♥

There, I hope you enjoyed this massive post, thanks for looking :)