Bundle Monster 2012 plate set *pic heavy* - Review

Hi all! Bundle Monster kindly send me their latest stamping plates set for review, so here they are!

The plates arrived in a small plastic box with a few example nails at the front. Each plate has a blue film on the front and I had no problem removing it. There's a protective cover on the back as well, and the sides of the plates aren't sharp at all, goody! I made photos of all the plates, you can see them all after the jump.

I think Bundle Monster did a great job on this set. They added some images that I felt were lacking on the plates that I have (like the puzzle pieces image and Easter images), they skipped animal prints (besides the giraffe kinda print) which I think most people already have a bunch anyway, and they added images for popular nail art (I see images that look a lot like watermarble, Saran wrap, gradient, tribal and newspaper). Awesome! And what I really love? Look at the amount of full nail images! =D

The full nail images are a tiny bit bigger than the ones on their previous set, of course I added them to the image below as well:

Please note: the up-to-date comparison can always be found at my Stamping Plate Sizes page.

I did a quick mani with these plates, and picked a fine lined image for testing. The quality of the plates and images is what I'm used to of Bundle Monster, they're great! But I tried out a new polish for stamping, which didn't work as great, that's why the lines aren't so smooth everywhere :)

Essence Iced Latte with A England Jane Eyre and BM plate 310.

I got plenty ideas for manis from these and I'm very happy they're now part of my stash :) Do you have these plates? And what do you think of them?

You can buy these plates on the Bundle Monster website, this set of 25 plates costs $21,99. You can also check out Bundle Monster on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

If you're not sure how stamping works, have a look at How To: Stamping!

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