First Fall mani of the year

Yep, it's that time again, I'm wearing a sweater, enjoy comforting homemade soup and my nails and cuticles are getting a bit annoying (cuticle oils and nail hardeners here I come!). And I'm getting excited about using all these stunning Fall colors in my stash that have been sitting around for a while now, so today I did my first mani to go with the season :) And how about you, are you getting in the mood for the coming seasons' colors on your nails as well?

China Glaze Below Deck with China Glaze Joy and BM plate 312.

And what's also great with the colder weather... lapcats! Yep, very convenient Sue, lying on top of my arm and wrist making it impossible to capture my nails, lol.

My arm is below her here as well, silly cat ♥