Guest Post: OMG! Polish 'em!

Today's guest post is from Salla from OMG! Polish 'em!.


Hello all! My name is Salla and I'm entertaining you today. :) When Bregje asked me if I could do a guest post for her I automaticly promised as I look up to her blog and her beautiful manicures... Then I forgot it. ;) Thank goodness Bregje poked me on Twitter asking me about it. I felt so bad so I really really really hope this manicure made it up to her, at least a bit!

Because my forgetful mind made the schedule quite short, I didn't plan anything before-hand and decided to wing it as I go. I chose a technique I haven't used before, watercolor manicure in which you spread the colors with acetone creating a watercolor-esque effect. I picked up a total of 7 lilacs and purples, wanting to do a single color watercoloring instead of multi-color which have been quite popular with this technique.

I painted my nails and a couple "nails" on a swatch wheel with OPI Alpine Snow and slapped on a topcoat. While my nails were drying, I experimented with the colors on swatch wheel and decided on the colors and color order, I dropped the original selection of 7 polishes into 3. I also noticed it was a good thing to douple the topcoat to make sure the base didn't spread. So take it from me ladies... Sometimes it's good to experiment before executing the design on your nails. ;)

I started the watercoloring with the darkest shade and dotted a few dots with the brush on the nail. After that I dipped a small watercolor brush in acetone, dabbed it on paper towel to make it less wet, then carefully started to spread the dots of nail polish on the nail.

After finishing the darkest shade I moved to medium purpleshade, then to the lightest letting each shade dry a bit in between to kae sure I wouldn't mess the white base and pull off too much polish. rThe colors I used from darkest to lightest were: Nails Inc. Westminster, OPI Do You Lilac It? and China Glaze Sweet Hook.

Once the watercolor base was dry, I stamped a delicate flowery pattern from Cheeky Jumbo plate C on top of the watercolor using Konad Special polish in white. The pattern is very very light but still enough to make this interesting... Or what do you think? :)

Thank you for reading and thank you Bregje for having me!


This technique is on my to-do list for quite some time now, and after seeing this I wish I had the time to try it straight away... I totally love the result and the colors Salla used! Thanks for writing a post afterall girl :) (And you'll have to teach me sometime how to create such a great mani in little time, that's a guaranteed recipe for disaster for me!)