Instagram compilation #2

Hey everyone and welcome to all the new followers! I'm back after my little trip to Sweden where I visited a dear friend of mine, and I hope you enjoyed the guest posts while I was gone! Thanks again for the wonderful posts MariJo, Marta, Salla, Rachel Marie & Sam
Today I have a new Instagram compilation, I hope you'll like it :)

1) Sue in a box! It never takes long before she sits in them, and with some boxes, starts to chew them into tiny bits and pieces, om nom nom.
2) Forgot to tape/vaseline my finger before I started marbling, charming isn't it?
3) Gotta love seeing 2 completely new and almost untouched displays!
4) Waxmelts, now that it's getting colder again I love to burn these things :)
5) Spot the cat! He's often under there completely, but when I walk past him he always greets me. Talking bush =)
6) This is my oldest cat, Bindi. She's 10 years old now, time really flew by with her!
7) Dewey in one of his favorite baskets.
8) This is a blanket in progress that I'm crocheting, it's huge already and I'm not even halfway, lol.
9) My wedges which I haven't worn so much yet, but I really like them. Which reminds me, I still need to get some winter shoes as well!

1) I recently won this set of hairproducts on Twitter, now that was a nice surprise :)
2) Radha showed a pic on Instagram which reminded me of this pic of Sue. Silly cat faces ♥
3) On Schiphol Airport, ready for my trip.
4) Of course I went polish shopping in Sweden as well! What doesn't show well here on this mini version of the photo is that the price on these OPI DS is 265 SEK, which is almost €31. Omg! OPI is expensive in a lot of countries including Holland, but my "yay, DS!" quickly changed into "lol, nevermind".
5) I bought 8 of the Depend holos, the rest was sold out already. Another Depend that reminded me of Scrangie (based on images), a VLD glitter and MUS Aqua Fix for holos.
6) Yes, that is some massive knäckebröd right there. And they had a lot of these huge ones!
7) These were waiting for me when I got home :)
8) Dewey wanted attention and got distracted, always have to laugh a bit at the weirdo positions cats can take.
9) Here's what polishes you'll see on my blog in the coming period, the holos, A Englands and some random polishes as well! Hopefully there's some more sun tomorrow so I can get some decent swatches of these pretties :)